The Perfect Party Planner helped me with two events this summer, a VIP party for 125 clients and a Home Expo that was open to the community and had around 500 people in attendance. Sara was fabulous! She was incredibly organized and helped coordinate a lot of moving pieces. She brought a lot of creativity to the event and she had great connections across all the industries that we needed to tap into for these events. She was a great problem-solver too whenever we ran into a challenge. If you want to be able to relax and enjoy your next event, then hire The Perfect Party Planner to coordinate your next party or event.

Michelle Moody

The Perfect Party Planner did an amazing job planning my studio’s holiday party. From start to finish, Sara did not miss a step with every detail. Her enthusiam and ideas made the party memorable. For once I was able to enjoy a party without having to work it! Thank you Sara!

Beth Underhill

As a mother of two, I was dreading planning my son’s first birthday party — making all of the calls to secure location/food/treats and figuring out a theme/invitation/decorations was too overwhelming to even think of. Seeing as most of these places are only open during daytime hours, when I’m busy chasing my kids all over the place and can’t form one concise thought, let alone conduct an entire conversation, I didn’t know how I would manage it. Then, in stepped Sara at The Perfect Party Planner. She handled every detail from calling venues to working with me on theme ideas, selecting invitation options, and planning the menu. It turned what felt like a completely overwhelming experience in to something where I just needed to provide several minutes of my attention and input on a weekly basis.
Although it was wonderful not having to plan my son’s party, the best part was on the day of the event Sara handled everything — picking up the cupcakes, arriving early to our venue to decorate and set up, and ensure we were staying on our timeline once the party started. She even made several snacks! Because of this, I was able to feel like I was a guest at my own party! I’ve never been able to actually spend time talking to my guests and taking photos as I’m typically running around making sure everything is going smoothly, but this time Sara handled all of that and I could just enjoy the party! Several of my guests even commented on what a phenomenal job Sara did. If you are a busy mother like I am, do yourself a favor and contact The Perfect Party Planner to plan your next party, I promise you, you will not regret it!

Mary McGee

The Perfect Party Planner on Cincy Chic

Sara Pattison’s passion has always laid in party planning. A Cincinnati enthusiast and a Xavier graduate, Pattison launched The Perfect Party Planner, an event planning firm that specializes in corporate and social events.

“We have a passion for planning the perfect event and taking the stress away for our customers,” she says.

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